I read these complaints before I bought and then made up my own mind. I'm not one of those idiots who let other people think for them.

I'm sure some people have complaints because their wants are unreasonable. I called to get my car covered and it had too many miles on it. i could post that and be a total tool but that's exactly all I would prove, i'm a total tool. I called back and set up my wife for coverage.

She had a breakdwon and then the repair was covered. This sight is for customers NOT wanna be's. The comment I just read was about a guy who isn't even a customer so how can he be a pissed customer. He is a total ***.

He read something negative and that is his reality. He obviously leads a very sad life. I'm sure this company is not perfect but if you use your brain you'll see two things. EVERY, YES EVERY company has someone that wants to complain about them.

What are their motivations? I don't know. Maybe they are an ex-employee that got fired for lying to a customer or stealing or semething, who knows. This company has no BBB unresolved complaints but they have had complaints.

Obviously what ever made those customers mad got fixed. That's using your brain, morons!

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MOGI is a straight bs company if they did fix anything it wa sumthin minor like a headlight exchange they bs you around for some serious auto work. Its a Ponzi scheme.


Socket set (SAE & Metric)- under $20

Repair Manual (Chilton's or Haynes)- under $20

Any part on ANY vehicle available at your neighborhood parts store- generally under $200 and in almost all instances under $100 at the most.

Fix it yourself and quit crying and acting the fool on "blogs for boneheads" websites, all while enjoying the satisfaction of money saved AND peace of mind knowing that the job was done right..... priceless. Good Day

why are you so upset, ok you didn't get scam but others did (lucky u and ur wife), find a new job Mogi is going under, you are right he works for Mogi, got a raise for that bull#$%*, comments. :eek :p

How long have you worked for Mogi


WOW, you are really all about pointing the finger aren't you. And as usual with mental midgets like you, you couldn't be further from the truth.

But as usual (again) with your type, you obviously are illiterate, I'm not traling about the mispelling of representative but I am talking about rhetoric, not even close. You are probably toothless too which explains your vocation. Hmmmmmmm says it all.

I have $2. I'll take one.


You sound exactly like, and use the same exact words and flow that the representitive from Mogi that I spoke with did. He tried to give me the same rederick too, but I didn't sign with you, opps, I mean him. Hmmmmmmm......makes me wonder.

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