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If you have mogi, your likely never to get your claim paid. They always find a way to not pay your claim, I had a claim for a water pump which is clearly covered under the contract, and they denied the claim because the pump seized.

They said the pump claim should have contained the word "broken". How many ways can the word broken be described in the dictionary? At any rate, they will not pay your claim. The parent company is located in Missouri, under the banner of Direct Dealers Warranty LLC.

It is held in principle by a Mr. Vincent L. Johnson. This person has many companies with LLC's filed in the state of Missouri, because of the ease at which you can incorporate a scam.

They use a second party processor for you pay direct to them located in Illinois. They use a third party claims administrator located in California. Put all three of these parties together spells "scam". Run away as fast as possible from these clowns.

If you have only been with them a month or less, cancel and find someone else. They are the worse. They will deny your claim for excess miles. Isn't that the reason you buy this policy?

I've tried to get a hold of them. They have covered their tracks well, except to take your money.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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