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Be careful !!

Here is my expirience in working with the guys from

1. They are ridiculously not professional in both SEO and PPC.

2. Once they got your money their attitude change dramatically.

3. They will try to charge you for services they didn't supply.

bottom line - be be careful when working with Mogi.

BTW, this is how they present them self on thier website (dont believe a word they are saying)

"MO Group International is a Search Engine Optimization firm dedicated to multilingual search engine optimization, website translation and online marketing strategies.

We conduct onsite and offsite optimization with the goal to increase your web presence and place you on top of the search engine result pages. Our online marketing strategy includes multilingual copywriting, social media consulting, international link building, global PPC campaigns management and much more"

Monetary Loss: $3000.


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I recently collaborated as a freelance translator.Their payment system sucks and you can't check your previously submitted invoices.

Then I did some research and found out multiple people have the same issue...What is wrong with these people, really?


I have worked with MO Group International as a freelance vendor for more than 3 years. They have always paid me on time.

Those who claim the company hires unprofessional contractors should at least answer this simple question: What is unprofessional about them, exactly? Come on, critics, be specific, will you?


Guys, what are you talking about? Have you made deals with them? Proxy firm? They both settled and running their business with 50+ employees from brussels. Everyone of their employees is paid, and their SEO department just won the price for being the best in the world.

If you guys are too *** to do contracts, better get another job (i can suggest you to clean bathrooms at some place).

You are talking *** because you did not get service for free. ***.

to Bull*** Brussels, Brussels, Belgium #793951

Orad, they dont have more than 15 employees, so stop lying. :grin

to Bull*** #810626

The owners of MO Group International are definitely NOT above writing posts like the one above to try and drown out bad reviews.

MO Group International is highly unprofessional and delivers bad quality service. A large part of their "employees" are interns who only stay at the company for three months, which means they have little to no experience.

They have about 25 "employees" at the very most, almost all of which are overworked. MO Group accepts too much work at the same time, outsourcing it to even cheaper companies and not having enough time to properly finish jobs.

Their SEO department won the a prize from because is a scam: You have to pay them to even take a look at your company.

to Bull*** Brussels, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium #957930

This is clearly the owner...hahahaha

If you ask ANYONE who worked there anytime you will get the same answer: they are unprofessional and use interns without training them and fire them when they are not useful anymore. When they deliver a good service is because the people who work there try to be as professional as they can but NOT because mogi teach or cares about the service they provide. None wants to work there!


They are no better than Maduff, takin' all them money and doin' nuthin. Ain't no good a company diz *** online hustlers! I can only warn u, save your *** from them dirty dealers.


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First of all, I dispute your stmneaett that Sears do great auto repair .Second of all, I don't understand your question.Are you asking if I've ever tried Sears Automotive?

Of course.

I think everyone uses them when they first get a car, until they find a local mechanic they like better.But what on earth are you talking about when you ask When have you helped them ?


Orad Elkayam is apparently a non-EU businessman (Brazil? Israel?) using MO Group International bvba (MOGI,, in Brussels as a Belgian proxy company in order to take all the money and services out of EU citizens due to the fact that Belgian authorities are reputated for being incompetent and always protecting Belgian companies in the first place.

It seems to be easy in Belgian to practice such professional cheats as I saw this business tactics before: Run after the client's money and deliver little service, on the other hand outsource these services on demand and do not pay freelancers afterwards. After a few years, let the Belgian company go insolvent and leave the country for Thailand or so.


Mogi's management and owners Orad Elkayam and Maren Lehamann always running after payments - they only know and are interested to discuss with clients about payment and invoice.Not more.

They don't know to build webshops at all!!

just demanding payments for it as well as SEO.

Professional knowledge in Multilingual equals 0!Their behaviour is high class robbery!!!!


100% right!!!!!

Mogi management and owners Orad Elkayam and Maren Lehmann are professional cheaters and deceivers.

Not professional in SEO and building websites.

They know nothing and can't give anything for the money until the customer discovers it.BE CAREFUL in contact with Mogi.Eu.Com.

to Zell Arazim Pharmacy #639891


do you have any proof? If they are cheating that hard, why are there nor legal actions taken? Why are the owners so easy accessible if they are obviously scamming? Why does Toyota and why does Konami rely on their professional services?

You're talking rubbish man without any proof. Definitely the positive feedback from satisfied customers tells the opposite for you dumb-talking.

to Proofs? Brussels, Brussels, Belgium #793950

They are so easy to access when they want your money, after they get paid its over.

They are also not paying their contractors.

Very sensitive when it comes to their image. They are writing their own reviews. They are also making up people on LinkedIn, just to appear more professional.

This jewish-german couple is full of s***.

to Proofs? #810627

Again, the owners of MO Group International are definitely NOT above writing posts like the one above to try and drown out bad reviews.

MO Group International is highly unprofessional and delivers bad quality service.

Their SEO department won the a prize from because is a scam: You have to pay them to even take a look at your company.

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