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Mogi is a scam rip off *** company. Tried to get money for my repairs to my 1992 Ferrari for a major oil leak and they wouldn't cover it.

I would never ever deal with these people again. they are misleading and im in the process of contacting a lawyer to get my money. Anyone who recommends this service needs to get there head checked. Someone is getting very rich while others are getting bled dry.

I'm better off just setting aside an account for my future repairs, or even possibly selling this expensive car. *** You Mogi

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But they do cover 2003 Harley Davidson Ford F150's and I am having HUGE problems with them. They have accused me of running the odometer back which I have been told by Ford cant be done.

When that didnt work they tried to say the truck is used under severe conditions when it has less than 60,000 miles on it. SAVE YOUR $$$


i am a customer of mogi. Please NO ONE do business with them as they are a scam.

i had asked the sales person to outline things that were covered and not covered, gave them specifics on my car such as make, model, wheel size, etc. Car is now in the shop for a transmission repair which was told to me that would be covered. the claim was denied coverage due to "oversized tires" the diameter of the tires are 25.4" vs. the diameter of the 17" wheel and tire size of 25.3".

Exact same width.

This company is a complete joke and dishonest. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM>


Are you sure they don't offer coverage for them? I would think the only way to know for sure is if you work or have worked for them. If that's the case then from what all these people have said then nobody should trust what you are saying.


Mogi doesn't even offer coverage on Ferrari's, much less a 1992 model.

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