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Main address: 745 Friedens 63303 Saint Charles MO
(888) 783-0299, ,
  • 20 complaints
  • $8.2K claimed losses
  • $410 average
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  • Jul 17, 2011
  • Auto Insurance
  • Wichita, Kansas
  • Car Warranty
  • 83

I should of known this was a bogus offer. How do you pay for extended warranty and they said it would not be effective for 30 days. We had to pay monthly and get stuck with the repair bills they not only did it to us 1 time but 2 times and the repairs was a couple thousand dollars each time. I will never recommend them to any body not even a blind broke down seeing eye dog. bunch of *** offs i... Read more

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  • Jun 06, 2011
  • Auto Insurance
  • Houston, Texas
  • Repair Coverage
  • 48

There has been two instances that I have needed this type of insurance, however, Get Mogi finds a way not to pay - for instance, my coverage was supposed to cover the motor and transmission cover to cover. The first time the exhaust manifold cracked and it was denied. The mechanic said it was part of the motor and should be covered - but Mogi saw it differently. The second time I had to have the... Read more

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  • Mar 24, 2011
  • Auto Insurance
  • Petach Tikva, Hamerkaz
  • Unprofessional Management
  • 14
  • 14
  • 342

Be careful !! Here is my expirience in working with the guys from 1. They are ridiculously not professional in both SEO and PPC. 2. Once they got your money their attitude change dramatically. 3. They will try to charge you for services they didn't supply. bottom line - be be careful when working with Mogi. BTW, this is how they present them self on thier website (dont believe a... Read more

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  • Mar 05, 2011
  • Auto Insurance
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Extented Auto Repair Warranty
  • 120

If you have mogi, your likely never to get your claim paid. They always find a way to not pay your claim, I had a claim for a water pump which is clearly covered under the contract, and they denied the claim because the pump seized. They said the pump claim should have contained the word "broken". How many ways can the word broken be described in the dictionary? At any rate, they will not pay... Read more

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  • Feb 23, 2011
  • Auto Insurance
  • Columbus, Georgia
  • Misrepresented Coverage
  • 96

I called Mogi after seeing their TV ad to purchase their coverage..You know, the ad that shows the customer just flashes his card and all is takeb care of...not a worry in the world! Ha! The saleslady on the phone talked me into buying the Gold coverage because she said my car had a lot of electrical items that could go bad and if I purchased this coverage "I wouldn't have to worry" Ha,... Read more

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  • Jan 25, 2011
  • Auto Insurance
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Engine Warranty
  • 56

Man I am still waiting on mogi to give me back the money it has been 6 months .....they need to get on the ball before i sue them....everytime i call the answer mashine says it is too calling the BBB...If everyone calls The fox 4 news department i bet they will fix this about mogi. see where they are at about giveing us are money back and if enough people complain they have to do... Read more

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  • Dec 22, 2010
  • Auto Insurance
  • Powell, Wyoming
  • Extended Warranty
  • 1
  • 1
  • 53

i had mogi before they went out of business and im not sure what there prob. was cause i didnt have to use them.They were hired by a company called EFG just to sell and handle claims.I still have EFG and i have filed 2 claims and they went thru fine.EFG fired mogi cause of how many people they screwed over but now its better.Im not sure what the name of the company that handles it now but i... Read more

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  • Dec 17, 2010
  • Auto Insurance
  • Absecon, New Jersey
  • Extended Car Insurance
  • 1
  • 1
  • 36

I cancel mogi about two ago and I still haven't gotten my money yet.And now when I call them there little messages line it tell me now there mail box is full and I was going to stick with them till all this happen.So very *** I will be taken them to court.It's xmass time and I did my complaint way back in Oct,and now it's Dec,and still no feed back.They called me one time and told me my check was... Read more

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  • Nov 01, 2010
  • Auto Insurance
  • Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • Auto Repair Insurance
  • 3
  • 3
  • 79

I spoke to Enterprise Financial Group (EFG) today who confirmed Mogi is going out of business. Policies are still in force and claims can be made to EFG - 1-800-527-1984. They are the administrator of the policies. Don't know anything about their claims service or payment service. If you want to cancel your policy, contact them. Mogi won't do a thing. I will reserve judgment until I have a... Read more

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  • Oct 25, 2010
  • Auto Insurance
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Extented Insurance
  • 66

*** is just the new name for mogi...if you havent read about the mogi scams you should...there are plenty of complaints on this site about it...they are changing there name once again because too many people probably caught on... DO NOT GO ON EITHER MOGI OR *** SIGHT FOR FREE QUOTE They will harass you! Like i said read the mogi reviews if you havent yet 100% a SCAM! WILL NOT COVER ANYTHING ON... Read more

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